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Workout, Whatever your level of fitness.

Trainer on the hill tailors workouts to fit around you. Whether you're time poor, don't have a gym membership, nervous about using equipment and whatever your level of fitness we will create a full workout bespoke to your time, needs and fitness level.  Trainer on the Hill has a private home studio in Kings Hill where you can train by yourself or with a friend.

Nutritional advice

What if I have a bad diet?

As a Personal Trainer Emma believes nutritional advice is at least as important as the exercise advice she gives.  Emma will provide general advice on healthy eating, she will help you to change your dietary habits to encompass recognised and evidence based healthy eating guidelines.

Ongoing support & Advice

There's no such thing as a silly question

We support people at all levels of fitness and nutrition knowledge so we want you to be as open and honest with us as possible so you can get the results you need. We're always on call for support, advice or if you just have a question or just need a little bit of motivation.

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