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We are thrilled to invite you to Trainer on the Hill Members Hub.  This is a hub of members unlike any other, bringing us together through this new digital era.

Emma has put together something truly special and can’t wait to have you take part.  The hub has been key to many lockdown success stories, not just for physical wellbeing but also for mental.


More Information on "The Hub"

4 Live Workouts

4 Live workouts each week

3 with Emma 

Mon / Wed / Fri

1  with a Guest Coach

On Demand

If you cannot make the live time - all classes are saved permanently to do in your own time


Nutritional Advice

Meal Planners

Recipe Packs

My Fitness Pal Guide


Optional Weekly Challenges

Team Motivational ideas

Mindset Challenges

The hub is now open to new joiners for 2021

 be quick! this week only!!


New 8 week program 

for 2021!

Starting on the 4th January

Say Hello to 2021 the right way

8 Week Wellness Program

This packed 8 week training program consists of 5 half hour workouts each week.  Progressively designed  to get the best results possible.  

Train for the feeling, not the numbers on the scales. Enjoy the journey and the numbers will speak for themselves. 

Less focus on aesthetics and more focus on feeling good.  This 8 week journey is going to be challenging but with commitment and determination anyone can do it.  Week 1 will be a gentle introduction to classes before slowly ramping it up. 

To get the best results possible we all know that we need to focus on nutrition. This is all covered in the program. Read below to see what else is included. 

If you are a hub member the 8 week program is included in your subscription.  You can join as a hub member or you can pay a one of fee for £40.  That is £1 per class!!

Join the Hub and get all of this for £20pm 

8 Week Schedule 

Exercise not only changes your body:

It changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.

This is why we love to workout regularly in the hub. However! We all know that you cannot out train a bad diet, in my experience 95% of clients say they need much more guidance in this area. Nutrition is the foundation to any transformation.


So I am introducing monthly healthy eating recipe packs.  Coupled with our suite of different workout types, I hope to help you create incredible mind, body and lifestyle changes, that last a lifetime.


All Fitness Levels covered

Modifiers always offered

Anybody really can do this!


£20 Per Household

Easy Cancellation


Monthly Fitness Measurements

Accountability Check ins


HIIT / Legs / Core / Upper body

Pilates / Yoga / Kettlebells



We have put a lot of time and effort into creating the hub, and can’t wait to share what we have in store. We know you are going to love it! If you have any questions or special requests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Trainer on the Hill Members Hub is designed to inspire, to teach and to be enjoyed by audiences across the world. Spread the word and join our private Facebook Group. 



“I love my home workouts with Emma in the members hub.  I have lost  over 2 stone since starting. Easy to follow, easily accessible and Emma is really engaging and encouraging”​


—  Abbie - Hub Member

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