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Running Groups

Emma is an England Athletics licensed Leader in Running Fitness, who is a highly experienced runner with over 20 years running experience.  So you are in very good hands when you decide to embark upon your running journey.

There are various running groups designed to fit your current running experience.


Couch to 5k/10k


Requires previous running experience

(can complete a 5k course within 30-35mins)

Casual Runners

Non-target training; weekly group runs 

Youth Runners

Running Club for Youths 


Couch to 5/10k Tuesday 7pm Discovery School

8 Weeks Couch to 5k Program suitable for complete beginners .

£45 8 week program. (£10 deposit on booking, £35 due on the first session) 

Full support of qualified England Athletics Running Leader & Personal Trainer.


Please book onto the next course using the following link...


One thing to consider when signing up to the couch to 5/10K

is that you must be able to commit to a small amount of your time 

(outside of our training session) each week to train.

Interested in finding out more?


 Trainer on the Hill Intermediate Running Group

Tuesday 8pm Discovery School

Due to the success of the Couch to 5/10K course, we have developed an intermediate running group to cater for those that want to continue with their new found passion for running.

Training sessions rotate between different running styles Including Easy, Speed, Tempo and Interval training as well as innovative new running ideas. 


You don't have to have completed the Couch to 10K course to join this group, but previous running experience is expected. For example if you can run 5k within 30min this running group is perfect for you.

Most of the Intermediate runners have now completed half marathons.

This course is paid for monthly in advance, due on the first Tuesday of every month - £6 per session.

 Trainer on the Hill Casual Runners

Tuesday 7pm Discovery School

Non-target training, differs to Tuesday sessions where we have a goal in mind i.e. 5k, 10k, half marathon etc. These sessions are for runners who enjoy training in a group environment. 

This classes are paid for monthly in advance, due on the first Tuesday of every month - £6 per session.

Please join the fb group  Casual Runners Group


There are so many positives about Emma's running club but I've focussed on what I think are the main two!

My number one reason is I think that Emma is realistic, in the following ways:

- Homework - to see a difference you do need to complete the two runs a week as homework, she's honest about this from session one

- Life - she also recognises that things come up and some weeks this will be a challenge, she doesn't give you a hard time but suggests you try again this week

- Motivation - Emma makes sure on the runs out she spends an equal amount of time with everyone in the group, moving between people as you complete your weekly run

I also believe the fact that you pay up front is a huge benefit in this area too as unlike the pay as you go clubs or the app you have the nagging feeling that you have already committed to this so you'd better yourself out there!

The very close second factor is Emma herself. Emma is without fail, every week, massively positive. Her love of training radiates from her and she hugely supportive of everyone in the group.

If you've ever thought about about starting to run join the group, you'll meet some great people and if you follow Emma's advice be running a 5k race in no time at all 


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