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What is Buggy Body Blitz?

My buggy fitness classes are designed for mums who want to get back their fitness levels safely and effectively. Helping you shift that baby weight, tone up, get some fresh air and feel good about yourself inside and out.


All classes are baby friendly, so you don’t need to find childcare. You can workout in a relaxed environment, knowing that you can tend to your baby whenever you need to. In my own experience, I was keen to get back into shape after having children, but like many other mums I know, struggled to find the time to juggle motherhood and exercise.

Make sure you’ve had your doctor’s approval to recommence exercise (normally 6 weeks for a vaginal birth, 10 weeks for a caesarean). After your check you are then welcome to join us as soon as you feel up to it!

It’s a great way mums to get back into shape, socialize and have fun.


What does the class involve?

The session is an hour long and may vary from week to week.

We will meet on the Green on Pippin Way and warm up with a brisk walk focusing on our posture. We then park the babies up for the main workout which involves a mixture of cardio drills, power walking, non-compulsory jogging, resistance exercises, strengthening and toning exercises. For those

who gave birth 6 months+ ago –I will introduce some higher-impact exercises to raise the heart rate. We’ll finish with a stretch and cool down.

All levels of fitness are welcomed and catered for. I strongly encourage all ladies to work at their own levels.

If you have an exercise mat, please bring along to the class. (picnic blankets work well outside if not)I aim to give you a full body workout and focus on any areas that you particularly want to.

As a qualified Personal Trainer I can also offer advice on any questions you have about health, fitness and nutrition. Click here to download pack



"I joined Emma's buggy fit class when it first opened in October. I find it an absolute blast.

Emma is happy to adjust pace to suit and is always willing to try new things and new routines.


I have a great time getting out in the fresh air with my baby girl and exercising with other people all in the same boat. And have definitely seen an improvement in my fitness level.


Emma is friendly and approachable and I look forward to the session each week"

— Victoria

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