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Youth Running

 45-minute class at Kings Hill School.

Youth Group 1
Years 1,2,3 at 3.45-4.30pm


Youth Group 2
Years 4,5,6 at 4.45-5.30pm


Youth Group 3
Years 7+ at 5.45-6.30pm

Youth Running Classes are fun led, including lots of running games and activities, finishing each week with a 'long' run which varies between the groups and is built upon weekly throughout the term. 


 The group sizes are limited to ensure the children remain focused and receive the one on one time I wish to give them.  For safety reasons Youth 1 & 2 runners are not taken out on the road, however, Youth 3 do run out on the road and regularly run 4-5K. 


We often take part in official runs where children can run for a medal which they particularly enjoy. 

Want to book your child in for next term? Contact Emma on..


or contact on facebook 

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