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Summer Shred 7-Week Weight Loss Program

If you are lacking motivation, in need of some discipline, or simply need to reignite your fitness mojo, our 7-week program will help you improve your mindset, get in shape, look great, and feel better overall.

This program starts on Monday 3rd June, and it's designed to support your weight loss journey with a balanced, non-restrictive approach.

What You Get
  • Week 1: Back to Basics

    • Focus: Foundational exercises and healthy habits.

  • Week 2: Cardio Crush

    • Focus: Increasing cardiovascular endurance.

  • Week 3: Strength Surge

    • Focus: Building muscle strength and tone.

  • Week 4: HIIT It Hard

    • Focus: High-Intensity Interval Training to boost metabolism and burn fat.

  • Week 5: Core Power

    • Focus: Strengthening the core muscles for better stability and overall strength.

  • Week 6: Flex and Stretch

    • Focus: Flexibility, stretching, and recovery to prevent injuries and improve mobility.

  • Week 7: Total Body Transformation

    • Focus: Combining all elements (cardio, strength, core, and flexibility) for a comprehensive fitness boost.

If you would like to look at a more detailed timetable  Please email me here

Each week builds on the previous one, gradually increasing in intensity and complexity to ensure participants are progressively challenged and continue to improve their fitness levels.

  • 3-4 x30 minute workouts per week.

  • Daily Food Planner & Recipes.​

  • Live-streamed workouts in a private Facebook group.

  • On-demand access to all classes.

  • Lots of support from myself, your trainer, plus the rest of the group.

Payment Options:

  1. Join the Fitness Hub as a regular member for just £25 per month - Join here for this option

  2. Pay a one-off fee of £70 – just £10 a week for the 7-week program.

Exclusive One-to-One Support: For those who need extra support, I offer very limited one-to-one spots. With this option, we check in weekly and you have a daily tracker to update and send, keeping you strictly on track. I'll be there to motivate you and hold you accountable if you go off track. If you need this option to keep you strictly on track - Email here for more information!

Sign up now and transform how you look and feel with a gentle approach suitable for all fitness levels. Limited spots available – Book Your Spot Now


  • 7 Weeks

  • Accountability

  • Tracking

  • Nutritional Guidance

  • Workout for 30 Minutes 

  • Just £70 for 7 Weeks

  • HIIT 

  • Strength Training

  • Kettlebells

  • Pilates

  • Core

  • Stretching


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Launching 3rd June

Use these 7 weeks of the year to build your strength, confidence and losing inches! 


Client Testimonial

"I have just completed Emma's 8 week challenge. I was sceptical of how motivating online classes would be at first, but have been blown away by the results. 

I've lost 15lbs, which I've never managed to do on any fitness regime before (& I've tried a lot). I've lost inches and I feel like a new person. 

Emma is motivating, knowledgeable and makes time for every single client that takes part. Nothing is too much trouble. 

Join now - you will not regret it"


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