Corporate hub membership

the ultimate physical, mental & personal support network

In an age of monotonous workdays from home, why not take an ever-growing approach to employee satisfaction by introducing a Workplace Wellness Program?

Exercise brings employees together, improves workplace morale and makes staff more productive.  Made even more accessible now; one of the only benefits to come out of 2020. 

Emma works closely with businesses to make the onboarding process to the hub seamlessly efficient.  Corporate membership to the Fitness Hub is an extremely cost-efficient way of keeping staff morale high and a fantastic 'perk' not just for the staff, but for the families of staff also. 

​As well as delivering a fun, safe and effective fitness programme, Emma will also ensure that progress tracking is carried out on a regular basis, providing meaningful and measurable results.  There is also a focus on nutrition in the hub, so if staff wish to focus less on the classes and more on nutrition; there are brand new recipe packs released every month. 


What is "The Hub"?

Live Workouts

Regular live workouts 

All 30 minutes Long

Can be done on replay or live

Guest Coaches every week!


Kettlebells (Guest Coach) 

Pilates  (Guest Coach) 


Emma is always available to ask personal questions you may have with regards to -





Nutritional Advice

Meal Planners

Monthly Recipe Packs

Including Plant Based Pack

My Fitness Pal Guide


Optional Weekly Challenges

Team Motivational ideas

Mindset Challenges


All Fitness Levels covered

Modifiers always offered

Anybody really can do this!


£20 Per Household

Easy Cancellation


Monthly Fitness Measurements

Accountability Check ins


HIIT / Legs / Core / Upper body

Pilates / Yoga / Kettlebells


"My Firm partners decided this year to give all employees a fitness membership with Trainer on the Hill. Emma is simply fantastic, always available, super passionate and precise. The registration process for all members was quick and easy, as was the fitness platform's use: intuitive and easy-to-use. Her training is designed for a varied audience- some of my colleagues also participate with their partners or young children. Modifiers are always available and useful. The most positive thing for my team is that we can review all training on-demand, before or after work, or whenever we have a spare moment. Even though each of us trains at home and we don't physically meet, this was definitely an opportunity to group and support each other. The Martin Tolhurst team has started this 2021 on the right foot and a fresh approach to life outside of work. A healthier mind in a healthier body! Thanks Emma."

Ilaria | Marketing Manager

“We signed up a corporate membership with Trainer on the Hill as something different for our staff during the winter lockdown. It has been the best employee benefit we have ever offered! The staff take up has been impressive. The enthusiasm and pleasure everyone seems to gain from the sessions has been immeasurable. It's been great to see something so many people have been enjoying. Very cost effective too."

Richard | Partner

Image by bruce mars

Build a Happier, Healthier Workforce

Wellness Coach

Improve Job Satisfaction & Sense of Community 


Help with Stress Management & Fitness Levels

The Contract

No Contracts

No Commitment

Happy Teens

Boost Morale

Family Portrait

Household Membership

Exercise not only changes your body:

It changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.

Members of the Hub absolutely thrive on the variety that the hub offers -

Train for the feeling, not the numbers on the scales. Enjoy the journey and the numbers will speak for themselves.  Less focus on aesthetics and more focus on feeling good.   

We all know that you cannot out train a bad diet, in my experience 95% of clients say they need much more guidance in this area. Nutrition is the foundation to any transformation. That is why we have monthly recipe packs available every single month for every single member. Vegan? Not a problem - we have now added a second pack every month solely plant based.

Everybody is covered! 

brand new recipes every single month


Trainer on the Hill Members Hub is designed to inspire, to teach and to be enjoyed by audiences across the world. 

Please get in touch with any further enquiries!